William Shakespeare’s King Lear

The Drama ensemble of the CNT in Zagreb is preparing a new drama premiere, William Shakespeare's King Lear, directed by Janusz Kica. The opening night is scheduled for February 23, 2018. Lada Kaštelan did the translation and the dramaturgy, Numen and Ivana Jonke created the sets, Eva Dessecker costumes and Tamara Obrovac music accompaniment. The cast for the performance is as follows: Predrag Miki Manojlović as Lear, King of Britain, Ivan Jončić as King of… more

One Song a Day takes Mischief Away

One Song a Day takes Mischief Away is on the CNT repertoire on February 14, 2018. This season's first drama premiere was held on September 28, 2017. The performance… more

Men of Wax by Mate Matišić

The awarded performance Men of Wax by Mate Matišić directed by Janusz Kica that had its world premiere at the end of 2016, received great acclaim, both from… more


A new opera tale about Hillary the Witch

After eight seasons and almost one hundred performances, Hillary the Witch goes to the Opera receives its sequel. The Zagreb Opera is preparing Hillary the Witch and the Aggrieved Double Bass after the text of the same author Peter Lund, in the translation of Helena Lucić Šego, in the adaptation of Dina Vukelić and music arrangement of Mario Mirković. The director is Krešimir Dolenčić, the music director is Josip Šego and the cast is Dora Lipovčan… more


Preparations for world premiere of ballet Elisabeth of Austria – Sissi

The Zagreb Ballet is preparing the world opening night of an interesting ballet project Elisabeth of Austria – Sissi that is choreographed and directed by the master of the European ballet stage Patrice Bart for our large ballet ensemble after the story of the famous German dramaturge Christine Theobald Gabler that will take us through the life story of one of the most intriguing and beautiful empresses of the world, Elisabeth of Austria. The music score is… more


Paul Mason, the new guest of the Philosophical Theatre

After the appearance of musician M.I.A in the Philosophical Theatre who sold out the auditorium of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb in only one day, the new guest of this popular programme of the central theatre in Croatia will be the prominent British journalist and writer Paul Mason. His appearance is scheduled for March 4, 2018. Paul Mason, the awarded editor for economic affairs at Channel 4 News is a regular columnist of the British Guardian more

Concert Mužek & Trio

Our prominent tenor Tomislav Mužek accompanied by Miroslav Lesić on the guitar, Tomislav Modrić on the piano and Mladen Kosovac on the accordion and clarinet will… more


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